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Protocol Key

What is the protocol key?

First of all, let's make clear three things:
- You do not need to buy TeaSpeak PREMIUM for the server to be compatible.
- You do not need to buy a protocol key, TeaSpeak gives you one free but it is not compatible with all versions.
- If you want to be compatible with all versions, you have to pay. There is no other way today.

What do you recommend?
It's a simple question, if you're going to make private servers for a couple of friends, do not buy it.
But, if you are going to make a hosting it is essential to have one, besides that the price is ridiculous!

How can I get it?

* If you do not want to pay for a protocol key, this section will not help you, continue to the next one.

You have several options:
· Buy a license in teamspeak.com (the safest method), in this case, we will take the cheapest license of 32 slots 30 €. Only you have access to the license, and it is more difficult, not to say impossible, to be prohibited. The license serves for one year.

· Buy protocol key to iKaros (safe method), in this case, you will only pay 5 €. Access is shared with other buyers and could be banned after several months. The license serves for one year.

· Buy the protocol key to another person (not recommended).


* This section will help you pass your activation or sponsorship licenses to protocol key, so that it is compatible with all client versions. Remember that you can continue using the original license on a separate server without problems.

First of all you need to download this file to continue the tutorial (virus total):
· First step: Open the downloaded file. An index.html will open in your favorite browser, where you will have several options.

· Second step: Click on select file and then analyze.

· Third step: You already have the file ready, just replace the protocol key of your server with the one you created.

Example protocol key:

How do I install it?

To install it you need access to your server's FTP

· First step: Go to the folder where you have TeamSpeak

· Second step: Stop your server with ./teastart.sh stop or closing the screen

· Third step: Open your config.yml, and search experimental_31: 0 and change 0 to 1

· Fourth step: Start the server with ./teastart_minimal.sh and then press CTRL+C

· Fifth step: Delete the file protocol_key.txt

· Sixth step: Upload the protocol key that you have purchased.

· Seventh step: Start the server with ./teastart.sh start

Help and Support

If you have any trouble while using or installing this application feel free to ask any questions at TeaSpeak.