TeaSpeak Premium

How to buy premium?

· First step: Login to your TeaSpeak forum account or register a new one.

· Second step: Click on your account and select 'Account upgrades'

· Third step: Click on the purchase button and follow the few payment steps

· Fourth step: After purchase you automatically receive the premium rank in the forum.

You would properly see some new forum categories.
As well you have a new section without your account settings called "TeaSpeak License" or click here

· Fifth step: Generate a new license key and provide the requested information.
When you've succeed these steps you will receive an email with you license code.


Q: My license expired. (I have already bought a new membership)​
A: You have just to reregenerate a new key. TeaSpeak currently does not support automatic upgrades and renewals.

Q: How could I buy more than one premium license?​​
A: Its currently not supported with an automatized system.​
The only way is to contact WolverinDEV directly to make a special deal.​
The best way would be to leave a message within your license request thread, which is btw in general the best solution for your license specific questions.​

Prices & discounts

9.99€ / 1 month: With this plan, you do not get any offers.
19.99€ / 3 month: With this plan, you receive a free subscription month.
39.99€ / 6 month: With this plan, you receive two months of free subscription.
69.99€ / 1 year: With this plan, you receive five months of free subscription.

Help and Support

If you have any trouble while using or installing this application feel free to ask any questions at TeaSpeak.