Welcome to Teaspeak-Guide.es

Here you will find many TeaSpeak guides, commands and utilities to launch your server to the world.
Currently, this guide is only available in English. If you want to contribute by translating the guides into your native language, contact me here.

I hope you find it useful.

Fun facts

· Think about the structure of the web I took 1 hour.
· Only in designing the web I took +15 hours (because I've been changing the look until I liked it).
· In searching for the guides, testing them, and making changes I have taken around 1 hour.



· Added includes with different php files (for my convenience).
· The installation link has been updated, it already works correctly.
· The protocol key section has been updated, with another tutorial and another downloadable file.


· New sections: Config.yml & Licenses


· New languages


· Changes in the navbar
· Changes in the scroll
· New sections
· New option: Custom theme
· Added 2 themes: Dark & Blue
· Fix spelling errors in guides


· CSS fixes
· Changes in the navbar
· New section: Protocol Key
· Changes in the footer
· Web optimization
· Fix spelling errors in guides

Help and Support

If you have any trouble while using or installing this application feel free to ask any questions at TeaSpeak.